10 Cannabis Recipes So Good You May Never Smoke Again


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Just one taste of the mouthwatering recipes will change your opinion on edibles forever. Featuring complex flavors and interesting ingredient combinations, these meals, and treats are sure to impress. Amazing for an indulgent night at home or a dinner party with friends, here are 10 cannabis recipes so good you’ll never want to smoke again. 

1. Herbed Italian polenta pizza + hempseed parmesan

This is no ordinary pizza. Traditional pizza sauce is replaced by a thick and creamy marinara polenta. This polenta is infused with activated cannabis, giving it a complimentary, rich, herbal taste. This recipe is technically vegan, but meat-lovers would never guess.  To kick things up a notch, add a little salad with budsamic vinaigrette on the side.

Infused ingredient: Cannabis Coconut Oil

Find the recipe here.

2. Pulled pot-pork sandwich

Made over a grill, there’s nothing not to love about this pulled pot-pork sandwich. The herbal taste of the cannabis-infused olive oil is a match made…

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