10 Comic Character Strains For Comic Book Day


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Are you a comics fan? Whether you want to take a day to celebrate your favorite superheroes or attempt the 24-hour international comic book challenge, these strains will lend a helping hand in the festivities. Named after some of the world’s most popular comics, here are 10 strains for comic book day.

1. Bruce Banner

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Named after the Incredible Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner is one powerful strain. In fact, it’s thought to be one of the most potent cannabis strains in the world. In some lab tests, this monster has reached up to 30%

In some lab tests, this monster has reached up to 30% THC. If you want to kick off comic book day with a serious punch, this sativa-dominant hybrid is the strain for you.

2. Wonder Woman

Lady superheroes need love, too. Wonder Woman is a truly delightful hybrid. Sativa-dominant, this strain provides a powerful cerebral high and is strong enough to lift the lowest spirits.

A cross between White Widow and Ice, the THC levels of this strain can reach up to 20%. Though, it’s possible to find Wonder Woman buds with as low as 15% of the psychoactive.

This makes Wonder Woman a great strain for new cannabis consumers.

3. Green Goblin


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There are two versions of Green Goblin out there. “Green Goblin” is either the more appropriate name forGreen Crack, or it is a phenotype of the Green Crack strain.

Either way, this strain won’t pop up just to wreak havoc on your day. Rather, Green Gobin is a potent and energizing sativa.

If you’re hoping to start the comic book day celebrations a little early, you can count on Green Goblin to wake you up and put you in a sociable mood.

This is also a great choice for those who want some help focusing while trying to cram out a new comic in 24 hours. The THC content of this strain can get quite high, up to 21%.

4. Captain America OG

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Captain America OG is a 50/50 hybrid. You can expect a decent dose of physical relaxation and mental stimulation from this flower.

If you hope to spend the day rereading some of your favorite comics, Captain America OG is the strain for the job. You’ll feel content enough to sit quietly and read, but you’ll also be graced with mental clarity and focus.

The THC content in this strain can reach up to 25%, so it’s recommended for more experienced consumers.

5. Superman OG


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Superman OG  is a child of Tahoe OG and Bubba Kush. Though indica-dominant, you’ll find your mind and spirit soaring high in the sky after a few tastes of this strain.

This strain is happy and euphoric at first, but you’ll quickly find your lids getting heavy and be wishing for a nap. Perhaps this strain is best left for the end of the day when you’re ready to head to bed.

Novice cannabis consumers will like Superman OG. It produces plenty of indica effects with relatively moderate amounts of THC (18% max). If you’ve been busy creating, this strain will help you catch up on some much-needed rest.

6. Kryptonite

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This hardcore indica hybrid will definitely zap your energy and leave you stuck on the couch. The THC content of this strain regularly reaches 25%, if not more.

While most users have a sedative first-time experience with this strain, if you’re used flowers loaded with THC, you may be able to appreciate Kryptonite’s more creative and thoughtful effects.

The origins of this strain are unknown, but it is thought to be a product of Mendocino Purps.

7. Silver Surfer


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You’ll want to sit back and ride the waves of this strain. Energizing and upbeat, Silver Surfer is a sativa-dominant hybrid. Expect to be zipping from one creative thought to another.

This strain is quite sociable, so it’s a great choice for easing social anxiety during a quick stop at your favorite comic book shop.

A cross between famous strains Super Silver Haze and Blue Dream, you’re in for a spunky and pleasant trip with this strain.

8. Astroboy

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Ready to glide through space? Astroboy is a quick, sativa-dominant hybrid with plenty of spunk. You’ll certainly be ready for some serious crime-fighting or a late night of cosplay fun.

Stimulating and uplifting, Astroboy has all the benefits of a sativa without a whole lot of raciness.

A combo of Apollo 13 and (Cinderella 99 X Ortega), the THC content of this strain runs up to 19%. There’s even a full 1% CBD in there as well. Overall, a good choice for anytime you need some extra energy.

9. Batgirl

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Batgirl is often found under her more boring name, Jack’s Cleaner Blueberry (JCB). Bred by TGA Subcool Seeds, this hybrid is a cross between energizing Jack’s Cleaner and juicy sedative Blueberry.

The result is a potent sativa-dominant strain that produces ample amounts of resin. Batgirl got her name because of the bat-like fronds she produces. You might enjoy the more acidic, blueberry taste of this lady.

10. Green Lantern


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You’ll feel Green Lantern’s power immediately. A potent sativa, the THC content in this strain reaches as high as 23%.

The genetics of this strain are a little mysterious, but the best guess is that it is a cross between Green Crack and White Rhino.

Though this strain is technically a hybrid, it provides one wild mental experience. Euphoric and energetic, many people find themselves in a philosophical mood after trying this strain.

Some prospective indica heritage in the mix creates a mild body high, but you’re likely to be so lost in space that these physical effects go unnoticed.

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