10 Creative Hacks For Reusing Your Marijuana Stems


Marijuana stems can be a major pain in the ass and a waste of space for many pot smokers. But instead of just tossing them to the side, you should know that there are many creative ways to put those stems to good use.

1. Tea or hot cocoa

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Did you know you could brew cannabis-infused tea with just your stems? Brewing tea from marijuana stems is actually a fairly quick process. To make this tea, you can use water, coconut oil or half-and-half (fatty substances work best). Then you’ll need to decarboxylate your stems first and then grind them up.

Afterward, wrap them up in a coffee filter, a DIY tea bag if you will. Simmer on low heat for at least 7 minutes and then you’re ready to add it to your tea or hot chocolate.

2. Topicals


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A variety of marijuana topicals can be made by using stems. Marijuana topicals have a great therapeutic effect and now you can make them at home! By using a basic

By using a basic marijuana topical recipe you can then add your own vitamins and essential oils….

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