10 Dank Father’s Day Gift Ideas If Your Pop Loves Pot


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If you love your father, or you’re the man your children call Dad, then this weekend is all about you. Men are notoriously difficult to shop for when it comes to gifts. But with some creativity, and close attention, you can get him something he will love. But please, no more ties. Here are 10 Father’s Day gift ideas sure to bring a smile to his face, especially if he likes cannabis.

 1. A drink for the old man on Father’s Day

A classic Father’s Day gift is one of fine spirits, and they don’t get any finer than the ultimate green liquor, absinthe. This fine spirit is given a green boost with another great green delight, cannabis. Now that is a bottle sure to put a smile on the old man’s face.

2. Boys and their toys


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Guys love building things, so why not give dear old dad the gift that literally keeps on giving? 3D printers are easier to use than ever, and with a 3D hemp printer, he can make anything his heart desires, like a lop-sided ashtray. You gave him one of those in…

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