10 Legit Weed Gadgets You Can Actually Buy On Amazon


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Your nearest head shop might be hours away. What is a cannabis lover in need of gadgetry to do? Just hop on Amazon. You will drop your jaw at what you can find there. Here are just 10 obvious weed needs you can fulfill online, and have shipped to your door, no matter where you live.

1. A cheap glass piece

Grab your 14.2 inch tall “hookah” oil rig with glass slide, bowl, and 6-tree percolator and forget the overpriced items at the local smoke shop!

2. Some bead action

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Make it even better with Magic Waterbeads! For the best diffusion of your smoke, get the beads that won’t leave you broke.

3. Keep your tobacco fresh


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With a name like Trichome, this airtight case holds up to

  • 5 oz of ground up herb, teas, or “tobacco”
  • Airtight seal traps 100% of odors inside making for the perfect smell proof container

Right, because tobacco is just coated in trichomes?

4. Traditional and nostalgic


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Do you remember this classic sealed pipe? This was the ultimate pocket piece…

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