10 More Epic Ways To Smoke Weed With Blunt Wraps


There is no indulgence so fine as an exquisitely rolled blunt. There’s just something about the sturdy smoothness and slow smoke that a blunt provides. Beyond the simple pleasures, the creative smokable masterpieces that some smokers create are worth every nug that goes into them. So get your blunt wraps rolling skills up to speed, and feast your eyes on these 10 bluntastic ways to enjoy the herb!

1. Start off with something sweet

For the lady who wants a man that always pleases, and never lets her down, take this sweet guy out for a date. He has a great attitude and is filled with all the right stuff. Plus, he has a load of green, so he will be able to treat you right.

2. Light up the night

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Fill the night with fireworks with this fat blunt. A piece fit for the biggest celebrations, this rocket is the grand finale, because if you need more weed after this, it’s time for a tolerance break.

3. Soar higher than the clouds

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How high can you get? How about 20,000 feet?…

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