10 Rules To Live By For The Ultimate Wake & Bake


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Nothing is better than that first, delicious smoke of the day. Shortly after leaving the comfort and warmth of bed, sparking up a freshly packed bowl or perfectly rolled joint wakes up the senses and, with a good sativa, provides energy and creative to get users ready for the busy day ahead. Cannabis enthusiasts can attest, there are few things better than achieving an elevated mind before 8:00 am, but there are some important instructions to follow. Be sure to commit to memory these ten rules for wake and bake.

1. Thou shalt have no shower before me

Always wake and bake before showering. Not only is it an amazing feeling to shower while high, showering after a smoke session will ensure no dank aromas linger behind. It’s always a better idea to show up for work clean and smelling like soap, rather than smelling like OG Kush.

2. Thou shalt make unto thee an epic breakfast

After a wake and bake session, chances are the munchies are going to set in. These munchies might be more intense…

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