10 Signs Your Friend Is Texting You While High


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Have you ever been out and about, or even just sitting at home, and received a random message from a friend? It is great to know they are thinking of you, but sometimes you realize that they might just be a little out of it. Unlike talking on the phone, you don’t have to be very coherent to text. But it helps to be funny, because, with the advent of screenshots, these conversations are preserved for all time. Here are 10 signs that you weren’t invited to the smoke sesh, and your friend is texting you while high.

1. Ahh the good old days

If your friend starts to try and recount the adventures of days gone by, but can’t seem to remember why they were so great, it might be THC talking.

2. Independent film award fails


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If your friend suddenly starts filming random bits of juvenile humor, leaves blowing in the wind, or things that are only funny because of the hysterical laughter in the background, it might be the THC talking.

3. A serious take on the less than profound

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