10 Steps for Ensuring a Great Edibles Experience


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Even the most seasoned cannabis aficionados approach edibles with respect.

According to Weedmaps Medical Director, Dr. Bonni Goldstein:

It’s important to understand that when THC is ingested, it is degraded in the liver to a breakdown product called 11-hydroxy-THC, which has potent psychoactivity, a longer duration of effect, and is quite sedating for most. Since the amount of this ‘THC cousin’ compound that your liver will produce is unpredictable, it is easy for new or inexperienced patients to overdo it on edibles.

But Fear Not!

By adhering to the simple instructions in the graphic below, you can ensure a wonderful edibles experience, each and every time.

So please be careful, be smart, and enjoy your edibles. We’d hate to see you end up like these folks…

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