10 Super Healthy Edibles You Need To Eat In July


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It’s a myth that cannabis and junk food go hand-in-hand. While herb-lovers are often teased for their desire to munch on delicious snacks, but you won’t find anything unhealthy about these infused recipes. Plus, if you’re hoping to shed a few pounds this summer, these healthy edibles will make process delicious and lifted to boot.

1. Green and oh-so-groovy smoothie

Starting your day with a bunch of greens is a sure-fire way to boost energy and mental clarity. Featuring lemon, lime, spinach, and cilantro, this smoothie packs an anti-inflammatory punch and kickstarts your metabolism. The omega fatty acids in avocado give your brain a little extra help, balancing your mood and boosting your endocannabinoid system.

Infused ingredient: Cannabis Coconut Oil

Find the recipe here.

2. Wake ‘n bake smoothie

The chia seeds and almonds in this smoothie provide the protein you need to start your day off with a bang. A super healthy breakfast replacement, the berries in this smoothie add…

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