10 Surprising Conditions Helped By Medical Marijuana Treatment


4. Anxiety

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Whether anxiety is the main illness, or a symptom of another illness, marijuana is a great way to relieve the tense, uneasy feelings that come along with the mind-racing, anxious thoughts. After a few puffs of a relaxing indica strain, feelings of unrest dissolve away.

5. Celiac Disease

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Nothing can cure Celiac Disease, but cannabis certainly has shown to help relieve symptoms. As a personal suffer, I know herb is the first thing I reach for after accidentally ingesting gluten. THC helps to slow muscle contractions in the digestive track, making the pain lighter and less intense.

6. Depression

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Depression can strike at any time, without warning, and devastate the sufferer. Cannabis is proven to reduce the feelings of helplessness and sadness, making it easier to overcome bouts of depression.


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When states are considering which conditions to approve for treatment with medical marijuana, HIV & AIDS are always at the top of the list. Appetite…

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