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10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Stoner Sweetie


Valentine’s Day might be the hardest holiday when it comes to shopping for your better half. Regardless of whether you’re in a new relationship or married to your long-time love, the pressure to eschew traditional gifts for something more personal—but not too hokey—can drive you mad.

Thankfully, if you’re valentine this year is a stoner, we’re here to help! Chocolates and bouquets don’t seem quite as contrived when you add weed! 

1. Cannabis Chocolates

The array of choices you have when it comes to pot chocolate is seemingly endless. Lucky for you, our edibles editor has put together a list of the best ones to give your stoner valentine. Don’t live in a state where you can easily purchase such confections? Or maybe you’re more of a homemade gift giving kind of person? Here are three cannabis chocolate recipes that are so decadent, you’re date will feel truly loved.

2. Cannabis Lube

Lingerie is great and all, but if you’re looking for a sexy Valentine’s Day gift, why not take it up a notch? Foria is a cannabis and coconut oil sexual lubricant that provides a “more heightened sensation around sensual acts” and has received rave reviews. 

3. Hemp Massage Oil

The key to giving massage oil as a gift is to make sure you give your sweetie a massage with it. No one needs a bottle of hempseed oil laying around collecting dust—use this bad boy right away. Cannabis Basics’ Massage Oil was designed specifically for people with sore muscles, making this the perfect gift for your stoner love who’s been complaining non-stop about how bad the new chairs in the office are for his or her back. 

4. Cannabis Candle

You don’t need to live in a legal state to indulge in the spicy scent of the (MALIN + GOETZ) cannabis candle. The revered apothecary brand designed this candle specifically to be sensual and provocative, and the company’s signature blend of beeswax, vegetable and soy waxes ensures a cleaner and better burn. This is the sophisticated and sexy stoner gift of your dreams.

5. Cannabis Tincture

Cannabis tincture is the perfect DIY Valentine’s Day gift for those who are so over chocolate. It’s easy to make whether you are using grain alcohol or glycerin and can be presented in adorable little bottles or used to wine and dine your date with deliciously potent cannabis cocktails. Expensive liquors are nice but so impersonal; show your significant other you care with a stony elixir instead. 

6. Custom Lighter

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