10 Ways To Make The Best Cannaburger Of Your Life


What is the difference between a paltry patty and an epic cannaburger? Well, a lot actually. Making a great burger is not easy. Take one look at fast food and you know that there is a pretty big margin for error. If you are going to put your herb into a burger, you don’t want it to be like lipstick on a pig. THC deserves to be fully enjoyed, and a burger you wouldn’t enjoy without won’t make a gourmet meal with ganja. Here are 10 ways to make the best canna-burger of your life.

1. Start off simple

Too many people think that you have to add extras to meat in order to make a patty that holds together. The truth is, all those added breadcrumbs and eggs ruin a good burger, nothing else is needed. Seasoning is the same. Never be afraid to dust away with salt and pepper, it brings out the flavor of the beef. But leave those complex rubs for your barbecue, they only mask the natural flavor. Keep it simple, and your patty will be better than most restaurants.

2. Make it mean, not lean

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