10 Ways To Tell You’re Definitely A Cannabis Enthusiast


This article was published on Herb.co
While we try to change and evolve the perception of the “stoner image” that has permeated mainstream culture there are some negative associations that are unfortunately propagated even among our own ranks. These aspects of cannabis use, whether short term effects of actual cannabis use or more overall personality traits that we develop as we experience a life changing enhancement of consciousness, are not always negatives. Here are 10 “stoner stereotypes” turned on their head, and shown for the truths or fictions they really are. If you aren’t a cannabis user, and you share these personality traits, you might be in good company with people who are.

1. Letting go of the little things

Cannabis use can help one shed traumatic or negative memory associations. This is what makes it so great for PTSD sufferers, but also causes the stoner stereotype of forgetting things. The truth is that cannabis users are among the few people who can truly forgive and forget. We live happier that way, and…

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