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10 Ways to Use Cannabis for Better Health in the New Year


Chances are marijuana can help you achieve your health and fitness goals for the New Year due to its unique effects that balance human health. Even if you think your marijuana use is solely recreational, if you are ingesting cannabinoids, then you’re receiving health benefits and preventative protection against diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s. That’s what cannabis does, regardless of whether you have a doctor’s recommendation or not.

Resolve to try these suggestions, take advantage of health-positive benefits and use cannabis strategically to thrive in a more productive and vital life.

1. Smoking Pot Can Help Weight Loss

It might seem counterintuitive, since marijuana is famous for inducing the munchies, but pot can actually help you maintain a lower weight. Despite consuming more calories overall than their abstaining counterparts, a study published in the American Journal of Medicine confirmed that marijuana users have smaller waist circumferences (1 1/2 inches smaller on average than non-cannabis users), higher levels of HDL cholesterol that lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and are less likely to develop Type II diabetes. So toke up!

2. Getting Baked Makes Healthy Foods More Satisfying

Since marijuana heightens sensory perception, being high can help you savor the clean, natural taste of healthy, low fat foods. If you set your intentions, moderate cannabis use can assist in mindful eating. Slow down, relax and use your buzz to enhance and appreciate the unique aroma, taste and texture of your food. Chew slowly, visualizing how the food will transform into energy, making your body strong and vibrant. Smoke or vape a few hits of good strong weed, and even crunchy raw celery and perfectly steamed broccoli will transform into tantalizing treats! 

3. Being High Makes Workouts Less Boring

Long touted by athletes, the benefits of smoking marijuana before workouts include making the routine more exciting, the time pass more quickly and allowing exercisers to get into the zone more easily. Search the net and you’ll even find an old pic of Arnold Schwarzenegger toking up during a weight lifting session. Smoking marijuana didn’t seem to hurt Arnold’s athletic prowess, nor that of Michael Phelps, Shaun White, Nick Diaz and countless others. Try it to transform workouts from an annoying chore to a fun outing you can actually look forward to. 

Here’s an added bonus: not only can weed make your workout…

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