10 Ways You Should Have Smoked Weed By The Time You’re 30


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I am about one month away from my 30th birthday. Gone are the days when I wished I was older—I think they actually ended when I turned 21. Arriving like a freight train of indifference are the days of wishing I were younger. One thing is for sure, I am going to make sure I knock these 10 ways to smoke weed off the list before I turn 30. Lungs, don’t fail me now!

1. A Volcano vape

The Volcano is probably the first vaporizer I was introduced to. For someone who is about to turn 30, smoking from a Volcano is some kind of generational requirement.

2. Driving in your parent’s car

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Before you turn 30, treat yourself to some straight up nostalgia smoking. Next time you take a trip to your parent’s house, borrow their car and take it on a “high ride”. Remember the days when you were just starting your friendship with weed. Return the car stinking of Axe body spray and act like you have no idea why. It’ll make you feel 17 again.

3. Blunts


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On the eve of your 30th…

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