11 Deliciously Dank Desserts For Dessert Day


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It’s the best day of the year, guys! Today is the official Desserts Day so why not celebrate with some cannabis-infused goodies? Here’s a list of 11 amazing desserts for Dessert Day. For more scrumptious infused sweets, don’t forget to check out the new HERB Desserts cookbook. It’s a digital download, so you can have it in seconds.

1. Pineapple Upsidedown Cannacake

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Pineapple and cannabis taste great together. Though the herb is known for its distinctive taste, the gooey caramelization of the baked fruit in this Pineapple Upsidedown Cannacake pleasantly masks any less-than-ideal herbal taste. It also features three infused ingredients. That makes for one powerful high.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaButter, CannaMilk, CannaFlour.

Find the recipe here

2. Flourless Cannabis Chocolate Cake

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Searching for a gluten free dessert option? This flourless chocolate cake is delicious and easy to make. Rich and chocolaty, this cake makes for the perfect treat after a robust fall meal. To kick things up a notch, add some cannabis-infused ice cream and some fresh berries.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaButter.

Find the recipe here

3. Blueberry Cannabis Pie
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Not everyone enjoys eating cake. If you’re a dedicated pie fan, this one is for you. This Blueberry Cannabis Pie is sweet with a pleasing herbal kick. Play up the blueberry flavor by making your CannaFlour with theBlueberry strain. Or, if you’d like more of a mixed berry vibe, try some Blackberry Kush.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaFlour.

Find the recipe here

4. Cannabis Peach Cobler


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There’s something infinitely satisfying about warm, cooked fruit. This Cannabis Peach Cobler combines the mouth watering taste of hot peaches with warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Of course, there’s plenty of delicious brown sugar in the mix as well. Incorporating three infused ingredients, this sweet dessert packs a powerful psychoactive punch.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaButter, CannaFlour, CannaMilk.

Find the recipe here

5. Cannabis Whoopie Pie


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It’s true, these little sweets will have you whooping with joy. The cool part? These whoopie pies are also gluten free. If you’re celebrating Desserts Day with someone on a special diet, these treats sure to please. Cocoa powder, apple sauce, and vanilla provide a sweet and rich taste to these creamy bites. The cream cheese filling adds just the right amount of creaminess.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaOil, CannaButter.

Find the recipe here

6. Cannabis Cinnamon Rolls

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These infused cinnamon rolls are the perfect way to kick off Deserts Day. As a fair warning, you probably won’t get much done after eating one of these mind-altering treats. There are four separate cannabis-infused ingredients in this dessert, making this recipe the most potent on the list.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaFlour, CannaMilk, Cannabis Cream Cheese, CannaButter.

Find the recipe here.

7. Cannabis Carrot Cake

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Hoping to celebrate in a slightly more health-conscious way? This infused dessert is a great way to have your cake and your health, too. Ready in 1.5 hours, this carrot cake is one of the faster recipes on this list. Using coconut, walnuts, raisins, carrots, and cinnamon, you’ll get a decent dose of vitamins and healthy fats in a single serving.

You can also make this cake as potent as you would like by swapping infused ingredients for normal, less psychoactive ones.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaOil, CannaButter (optional), Cannabis Cream Cheese (optional).

Find the recipe here

8. No-Bake CannaCookies

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If you’re too lazy to bake anything for Dessert Day, this recipe is for you. These simple treats are vegan and come together in a mere 20 minutes. If you’re into hardcore Dessert Day celebrations, these No-Backe CannaCookies will be the perfect sweet snacks to get you through lunchtime.

If you want to make this recipe gluten free, swap out the Trader Joe’s Speculoos cookie butter and use regular peanut butter instead. Make sure you use gluten-free oats.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaOil.

Find the recipe here

9. Canna-Oreo Cookie Cake

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Who doesn’t love Oreos? This scrumptious cake can be dangerous, you’ll want to eat the whole thing! Be sure to pace yourself with this one. Featuring Devil’s Food cake mix, instant pudding, chocolate chips, sour cream, and Oreo cookies this cake is the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth. A real must-try for all of the chocolate lovers out there.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaOil, CannaButter.

Find the recipe here

10. Special Brownies

What could be more classic than a cannabis brownie? This expert recipe is a far cry from the bland boxed concoctions people usually whip up. A staple for dessert fans everywhere, you really can’t go wrong with gooey chocolate and a kick of espresso. To make these simple treats even more flavorful, throw in some toasted peanuts or top with some strawberries or cooked fruits.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaButter.

Find the recipe here

11. Poppy-Pot Cake


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Poppyseed muffins are some of the most popular coffee shop selections. This infused cake provides a unique spin on a beloved treat. A little lemon zest provides a fresh taste while some creme fraiche and cream cheese add depth and creaminess. This sweet little cake is excellent when paired with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea.

Infused ingredient(s): CannaFlour, CannaButter.

Find the recipe here.

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