13 Reasons Weed Is The Greatest Thing Ever


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Cannabis is one of the wonderful treasures of nature, beloved by all those who have had the pleasure of enjoying its’ mind-elevating properties. There are so many reasons to love cannabis: it aids in creativity, helps heal the sick and could even provide financial security to states in desperate need of extra cash flow. Here’s 13 reasons weed is the greatest thing ever.

1. Potent products

Cannabis is more potent now than it has ever been before. With advances in cultivation, growers are able to create strains with high THC concentrations. In 1972, the average strain contained only about 1-3% THC. Today, average cannabis comes in around 13% THC.

2. The Swiss do everything better


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A new study from Switzerland takes a closer look at how cannabis can help inmates deal with the struggles of life in prison. Scientists discovered cannabis helps to keep prisoners calm and less combative during their incarceration.

3. Drunken stupor


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It’s been said that cannabis is a gateway…

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