14 Halloween-Themed Strains For A Frightfully Fantastic Night


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What’s your favorite way to spend the scariest night of the year? Halloween is an excellent time to let out your weird and wild side. So, why not enhance the fun with a little cannabis? These 14 Halloween-themed strains will help you let loose or wind down this Halloweed.

1. Ghost OG

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Boo! OG Kush fans are in for a treat. Ghost OG is a phenotype of the legendary Californian strain. Predominantly indica, this strain provides some top-notch physical effects. Expect your limbs to grow heavy and limber.

Muscle tension will evaporate into thin air. Yet, this strain is loved for the cerebral effects added to the mix. Fans find themselves in a sleepy, mental bliss. Opt for Ghost OG when you’re ready to fade out for the evening.

The THC content in Ghost OG easily reaches 20% and above.

2. Alien OG

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Alien OG just so happens to be one of the most potent strains on the market. The THC content of this hybrid can soar between 20 and 28%.

This indica-dominant flower is best saved for those with some experience. However, if you’re interested in a bud that feels like it sends you out of this world and off into some weird space land, Alien OG is your strain.

3. Green Goblin

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Though named after Spiderman’s evil nemesis, this speedy sativa may be either a strain of its own or a distinct phenotype of the better known Green Crack. In any case, Green Goblin is far from frightening.

This strain is known for inducing giggle fits and provides an all around happy, sociable experience. Be prepared for a heavy-hitting head high, though. Green Goblin can have THC levels of up to 24%.

4. Jack The Ripper


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Why anyone would want to name a cannabis strain after a serial killer is suspect. But, this sativa hybrid is far from an aggressive flower.

Though, it has a reputation for producing a very potent, psychedelic high that can be a bit racy at times. This energizing quality makes Jack The Ripper a great strain for a night out. Expect a slight body high and ample stimulation from this bud.

5. Zombie OG

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Ready for a mind-melting indica? All of your worries and fears about creatures of the night will slip away after a few tastes of this strain. A winning cross between OG Kush and Blackberry, get ready for ample time on the sofa with Zombie OG.

But, don’t worry, you won’t turn into a cannibalistic monster. Rather, you’ll likely want a nice long nap after munching on some pizza and little candies. Expect a THC content between 18 and 21%.

6. Black Widow


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The spider may be creepy, poisonous, and dangerous. Yet, this sativa-dominant hybrid is all happy, uplifted, euphoria.

A calming mix between Brazillian, Indian, and North American strains, Black Widow provides consumers with a light relaxed physical sensation with a hefty dose of psychoactivity. You can expect this strain to rapidly elevate your mood, giving you extra spunk and energy on Haloween night.

7. Durban Poison


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Searching for something a little psychoactive to put in your Halloween potion? Durban Poison is a notable South African herb that delivers powerful cerebral effects.

A pure sativa, expect a very head-focused experience from this herb. For a landrace strain, the THC content in Durban Poison is pretty darn high. It can feature around 22% on average.

8. Ghost Train Haze


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Hop on board the Ghost Train for a smooth and silly night. This sativa cross between Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck is energizing, creative, and full of giggles.

If you need an imagination boost for some scary stories, or if you expect a long night of tomfoolery, Ghost Train Haze is a great choice. Be warned, however. The more you consume, the stronger the cerebral high will become. New consumers might be put off by Ghost Train Haze’s whopping 27% THC.

9. Voodoo


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Searching for a high-powered sativa that will keep you dancing all Hallow’s eve? Voodoo is a spirited sativa known for cultivating a long-lasting euphoria.

It’s thought to be an exceptionally potent and delicious phenotype of a landrace Thai strain, though it typically only contains a moderate amount of THC. Voodoo is great for those with low THC tolerance that are still searching for a lively sativa experience.

10. Ogre Kush


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A cross between Master Kush and Bubba Kush, this Ogre is known for producing beastly buds. As an 80% indica, you may feel as heavy as an ogre after a few tastes of this strain.

Ogre Kush is perfect for later Halloween evening when you’re ready to camp out with a scary movie and nom on all of the tasty treats you’ve collected. New consumers be warned, Ogre Kush has a THC content of up to 24%.

11. Diablo OG


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If Halloween for you means hanging out at home and waiting for little monsters to ask for some candy,Diablo OG is the strain of the night. Indica-dominant, this strain provides a nice and mild sedation.

Yet, as a hybrid, it also has plenty of mood-lifting properties. The THC content averages about 17%, making this a strong but not over the top flower. You’ll be happy to find a warm and cozy place indoors while you await trick or treaters.

12. Madman OG


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Those looking for a happy and relaxed strain without much sedation will enjoy Madman OG. Though the name makes it sound a bit intense, Madman is a balanced hybrid known for cultivating a nice physical calm and ample creativity.

Perhaps indica-dominant, pick up some Madman if you’re hoping for a low-key but upbeat evening. Expect a THC content of around 19%.

13. Mad Scientist


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Often found as Mad S. this funky cross between Herijuana and White Widow is one potent bud. The THC content in this indica ranges from 22 to 24%.

Any cannabis chemistry nut will have some fun concocting extractions from this earthy flower. Just be wary on Halloween night, however. Mad Scientist might make you a bit drowsy.

14. Frankenstein


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Frankenstein is an 80% indica with mysterious origins. Perhaps it’s the product of some discrete science experiment, or perhaps it’s a hodgepodge of various strains clunkily put together to create a super plant.

Regardless, it’s well known that this sedative nighttime strain produces between 18 and 22% THC. Try this bud when you’re ready to wind down after a long Halloween night.


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