15 Summer Essentials Every Weed Lover Needs


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When it finally gets warm enough to break to out the bathing suit or hike those extended trails, don’t ruin a great adventure by forgetting some important summer essentials to ensure spirits, and minds, remain high. Well-prepared cannabis enthusiasts have more time to enjoy sunshine and nature, and never struggle to locate the eye drops or lighter. To maximize the most out of every summer day, stock up on these 15 summer essentials every cannabis lover needs.

1. Nifty knapsack

First and foremost, a stylish and reliable bag to carry all the summer essentials is a must. There are a variety of cannabis-themed backpacks and satchels, so picking the perfect one of any personality should be a breeze.

2. Obviously, cannabis


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This should be a no-brainer, but sometimes we get so concerned about packing all the other essentials, we forget the most important of them all. Make sure to have some high-quality cannabis available to enhance the easy living.

3. Lighter, and one or two backups


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