19 Weird Things People Do With Their Pets When They’re High


Marijuana is sometimes the inspiration to do strange things. But how weird do they get? Thanks to Whisper posts, we get to find out the extent to which people do very strange things with their pets when they are high. Maybe these aren’t the kinds of things that people would admit to their friends, but thanks to anonymous secret posting, we can find out all.

So, every stoner has probably had a strange connection with their animal while they´ve been high because marijuana can do that. Check out the very strange things people can do with their pets!

Absolve your sins?

It’s common for people to talk to their pets about their lives when they are high. In fact, one user submitted their Whisper post saying that when they get high, they confess to their dog all the ways they have been a bad owner and they apologise. According to the user, the dog is okay with it and forgives them entirely. So next time you’re feeling guilty, get high and apologise to your pet.

One user says that they spent hours talking to their…

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