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20 Amazing Californian Cannabis Edibles


Originally written by Elise McDonough for High Times

Everyday a new edibles company gets started in California as ganjapreneurs flock to the expanding cannabis space. With the looming possibility that adult use of cannabis will be approved by voters in November of 2016, businesses are looking for exposure in a crowded marketplace, hoping to establish their brands early and build customer loyalty.

Attracted to novelty, patients are finding innovative options in a world of diverse cannabis-infused edibles no longer dominated by brownies and baked goods. The entries in the HIGH TIMES SoCal Medical Cannabis Cup represented a wide variety of medicated products, displaying creativity and a sense of fun as the industry attracts intense mainstream interest. Major trends finding traction with consumers include medicated honey and teas; savory choices such as infused BBQ sauces, ketchup and jerky; and discreet, female-focused chewing gums.

Seeking to appeal to a mature demographic of baby boomers returning to cannabis, as well as first-time users, some businesses like Altai and To Whom It May are betting on a combination of high-end, elegant packaging, along with premium ingredients paired with low doses of THC in gourmet confections to attract these desirable customers. However, designing products and business plans around an uncertain future is not without its risks, especially since most California medical patients seem to prefer high-dose edibles that are more economical to purchase. The winners in this contest are all high-dose options intended for patients with increased tolerance. Pot patrons still want the biggest bang for their buck.

When shopping for any cannabis-infused edible, carefully consider your needs, lifestyle and desired experience. A 90-pound anorexic female seeking appetite enhancement might choose a high-dose beverage that’s easy to sip, versus a 250-pound male construction worker with back pain who wants relief from an infused beef jerky. There’s a perfect pot product out there for everyone!

With so many choices to navigate, it’s important to respect your limits and look for products that will offer the dose you need in a satisfying portion size. The amount of THC that each person can tolerate varies greatly according to individual body weight, metabolism, health and diet. If you’re new to cannabis edibles, eat no more than 10 milligrams of THC and wait two hours before consuming any more cannabis foods. Be responsible and educate yourself before eating pot food, and you’ll have…

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