21 Weed Accessories For The Dudes


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Written by Brittney Sanger
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There’s a weed accessory out there for every kind of guy. From pot-leaf printed Vans to Star Wars grinders, men can show their love for the herb just as well as the ladies. 

1. Death Star grinder

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Men love Star Wars. In general, most everyone does. And with this Death Star grinder, how could you not be happy while grinding your herb?

2. Make America high again shirt

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Indeed, America needs to be high again. Regardless if you are a Trump fan or not, this t-shirt from the HERB is just fantastic.

3. Gold pot leaf snapback

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Not only will this rad snapback match just about everything, but it will also flatter your outfit in general. Not to mention, it’s totally affordable.

4. Wiz Khalifa rolling tray


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Wiz Khalifa is awesome. Also, rolling trays are awesome. Not to mention convenient.

5. Good green iPhone 6 case


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Who doesn’t love phone cases? Especially phone cases with a beautiful cannabis plant on them. Although you don’t find them. Although you don’t find them everywhere, this case is available at the HERB store.

6. Custom JanSport galaxy bookbag

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Aside from this badass design, you can request your own on Etsy. In fact, you can choose from literally any design that comes to your mind. Although it’s pricey, it’s an excellent way to put those creative juices to work.

7. Faded hoodie


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If you’re single or taken, it doesn’t matter. You can still be faded AF and let everyone know it with the HERB hoodie.

8. Custom weed Vans

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Whether you want pot leafs, bongs, or joints covering your Vans, you can get them custom made at Etsy. Again, this is another way to unleash your creative side that comes from consuming cannabis.

9. Cheeseburger stash jar


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Every cannabis enthusiast needs a stash jar. Although this is nothing fancy, it’s still pretty dope. Also, it’s homemade, like all good burgers.

10. Joint tank


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Who doesn’t love joints? With this tank from the HERB store, you can show off one of the many ways toconsume cannabis.

11. Mini water bong pendant

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Each one of these pendants is custom made. Therefore, none of them are exactly alike. Although most weed jewelry has pot leafs on them, this one is unique and has a badass mini bong.

12. Mario cannabis art


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With this piece of art, you’re bound to catch someone’s attention. In fact, there are several other pieces similar to this one available on Etsy. This decor is perfect for the dudes who love the classics when it comes to video games.

13. Stoner things shirt


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If you have access to Netflix, you’ve more than likely seen Stranger Things. However, the HERB version found on this tee is Stoner Things, which is even better.

14. Huf socks

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Every cannabis aficionado needs a pair of Huf socks. As can be seen, they come in all sorts of colors.

15. Weed America wall decal

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This decal would go perfectly in any pot smoker’s home. Not to mention, this is a way to show that you support legalizing cannabis in the US.

16. #BLAZED shirt

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Are you #BLAZED? Of course, that’s why you need this shirt from the HERB store.

17. Roach clip wand

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Not only will you avoid getting burned by joints and blunts with this clip, but you can also puff, puff, pass more smoothly. Not to mention, you’ll look classy AF.

18. PS4 controller light bar decal

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Although it may seem simple, it actually looks pretty cool when the light shines through the decal. Therefore, this is the perfect accessory for cannabis consumers that love playing PS4.

19. 4DMJ pullover hoodie

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Being that Fall has arrived in some states, it’s time to pull out the hoodies. This hoodie from the HERB store will keep you bundled up during cold seasons.

20. Wake and bake slippers

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Slip your feet into these weed-friendly slippers before you wake and bake. After all, slippers are awesome and super comfy.

21. Real cannabis leaf cast in transparent resin


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The leaf comes from a “Girl Scout Cookie Forum Cut” mother plant from a farm in Oregon. This might just be the ultimate cannabis connoisseur accessory.

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