3 Grannies In Amsterdam Got High & Gave Zero F*cks

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Written by Brittney Sanger
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What do three grannies do on a bright and sunny day in Amsterdam? Roll up in a coffee shop of course. In the video by Crenzy, the trio get a hell of a first time experience with cannabis. Not only do they take rips from the bong, but they also munch down on an edible. Though the women had never smoked before in the past, that didn’t hold them back a bit, and they were down to try just about anything. Watch these grannies in Amsterdam chief it up like champs in the video below.

3 grannies in Amsterdam… let’s roll

Despite never touching cannabis before, these three grannies dove right on in. At a coffee shop inAmsterdam, the three partake in enjoying the plant in multiple ways. First, the joint. Margo with her clever hands took the lead with this one and rolled up like she knew what she was doing. The jointappeared to be a bit messy, but pretty decent for a first-timer.

Next came round two with the bong. Even though the look of intimidation appeared on their faces- minus the one in the middle, she gave no f*cks- the ladies let it rip. The look on Margo’s face when the first granny takes her hit is priceless.

Once it was Margo’s turn, she knew she hit that bong properly. Margo says that if you cough, that means you got something.

Finally, round three. The ladies are still going strong and take a few hits from a bag. Not long after comes tospace cake. They went to space alright, especially Margo. In no time, she was outside wondering if it was her or the floor that was so soft. It’s safe to say these ladies will never forget their first time using cannabis.

Don’t forget to check out their experience in the video below.

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