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3 Must-Do’s To Avoid Bad Dabs


Originally written by Brandon Lee for The Cannabist

Dabs and other concentrates are a pure, extracted form of THC and other cannabinoids from the cannabis flower. This is done by using a solvent, generally hydrocarbons from Butane, or CO2 extraction processes allow the pure THC to be pulled away from the freshly flowered buds. Once this is done you will have both the solvent and the THC contents in an extracted form, however, these solvents are poisons and can be harmful to the body, so the next important process in coming out with good dabs is to purge off this poison by methods of heating and evaporation. If there are large or residual traces of Butane in your dabs, then you have unpurged dabs and will be inhaling these nasty poisons.

1. A good clean dab

clean2 3 Must Dos To Avoid Bad Dabs

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Because dabs, waxes, and shatters are all made from solvents its important to know they have been properly purged/evaporated off of you marijuana extract. In legal stores one can ask for lab results on the dabs they buy, showing (PPM) parts per million on how much solvent…

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