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4 Creative Cannabis Edibles Coming to Stores Near You


Originally written by Ryan Allway for The Cannabist

Cannabis edibles have transformed the industry by making cannabinoids like CBD and THC easier and more pleasant to consume than smoking. While cannabis-infused cookies and brownies have been around for a long time, several companies are developing imaginative new ways for both medical and recreational users to enjoy the drug. Some companies are even developing CBD-based treats designed to help pets enjoy a better life.

In this article, we’ll take a look at four new products coming onto the market and hitting store shelves this year that consumers may want to check out.

1: Cannabis-Infused Mocktails

Cannabis-infused beverages are nothing new, but the Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co. will soon release the first-of-its-kind cannabis-infused line of mocktail beverages. Simply combine the dry powder with water and ice in a shaker for a virgin cosmopolitan, margarita, daiquiri, lemon drop, or appletini with a little on the top. The compete package comes with five 10mg servings for a total of 50mg of hydro-carbon extracted Indica cannabis.

“As recreational goes mainstream state to state across the nation, our cannabis-infused mocktails may be enjoyed bar side to table side,” says Jill Alikas St. Thomas of The Mad Hatter Coffee & Tea Co. “We are seamlessly integrating cannabis consciousness from coast to coast and releasing cannabis from the bonds of yester year’s taboos.”

2: Glass Bottle Teas & Coffees


Jane’s Brews will be introducing the first fully Reg. 266 compliant re-sealable child-proof line-up of glass bottle teas and coffees. These products will be the first of their kind released into the California medical marijuana marketplace and will include vanilla bean dark roast cold brew coffee and gourmet green tea, among other products planned for the line-up. The beverages feature 80mg of THC, 1.2mg of CBD, and 1.6mg of CBN.

“We are first and foremost a beverage company,” says David Sheppard of Jane’s Brews. “Quality and taste are very, very important to us. We see ourselves as a mainstream beverage company and have the vision, compassion, and guts to offer a medicated cannabis-infused beverage in discreet and responsible packaging.”

3: Treatibles


Auntie Dolores has launched a line-up of hemp-based pet treats designed to give animals the potential therapeutic benefits of CBDs. Under the Treatibles brand, the company offers a variety of different flavors, including its recently launched blueberry and pumpkin products. Each dog treat contains 2.5mg of CBD with a suggested serving size of one treatable for 25lbs of weight for dogs. The company is now offering 10% off on its website for the blueberry flavor.

“Treatibles are lab tested and have consistency of dosage in each individual treat,” says Julianna Carella of Auntie Dolores. “Many competitors purporting ‘CBD-rich’ hemp products do not quantify the milligram content of their product with accompanying lab results. Our experience with infusing foods with cannabinoids spans over three decades.”

4: CannazALL Tinctures


HempLife Today™ launched a growing line-up of CBD-based products under the CannazALL™ brand name, including pure CBD oil and CBD tinctures. Since the products are produced from hemp rather than marijuana, they tend to be high in potentially therapeutic CBDs and low in psychoactive THCs that give users a “high” feeling. The company plans to roll out a zero-THC version of its product over the coming weeks for those wanting to completely avoid even negligible levels of THC due to stringent drug tests or other reasons.

“CBD from hemp is the best way to go as it is legal in all 50 states and we can deliver directly to a customer’s door,” says James Ballas of Hemp Life Today. “In addition, we offer only the finest formulas, including our new zero-THC formula.”

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