5 Essentials For The Best Wake & Bake Of Your Life


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Written by Christopher Teague
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Sometimes the best part of the day is before it starts. How you begin your day can make a world of difference on the rest of it. For cannabis lovers, we have a secret to starting the day off right. The Wake & Bake is a time-honored tradition of setting the mind into the right attitude to face the day with a smile. If you haven’t tried it yet, then you haven’t experienced all the wonder that weed has to offer. Here a breakdown of what you need to have the best Wake & Bake of your life.

1. Coffee mug & pipe… combined


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For those of us who love our mornings with a bowl and brew, creative cannabis lovers have invented the perfect companion. The coffee mug with a pipe in it.

The only way to start your day, Coffee Mug Pipe has created the most durable smoking device on the planet. It won’t break or crack because it’s made of stainless steel. With a spill-proof lid, your beverage is safe, no matter the tips and topples. But what makes this sturdy travel mug so special is what’s on the inside, and I’m not talking coffee.

2. The right attire

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A morning session means comfort. You just rolled out of bed. Take it easy. Wake & Bake with the style ofThe Dude, and you will achieve that state of bliss without leaving the aroma on your clothes. Slipper socks are optional but highly recommended. Kitchen floors are cold in the morning.

3. A little space to zen

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Whether it’s that one dining chair that looks out the window, that porch swing that always welcomes, or a spot out in Nature, your morning bowl of greens should take place in a space free of stress.

Find that spot where you can sit in silence and enjoy the feeling of zen spreading through your body. Do some stretches or yoga, and center your mind on positive thoughts.

4. The good stuff

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You can’t enjoy a wake and bake without weed. Make sure you have some laid out the night before, because unless your dealer also happens to be your milkman, you can’t find a deal at 6am. You also want to make sure that your morning smoke will help you get up and going. Stick with sativa or sativa-dominant hybrid strains to keep from going right back to bed.

The best part of waking up is that first puff of happiness. The flavors make the world a better place, and the aroma is more invigorating than a cup of coffee.

5. The beans to compliment your greens

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If you sleep badly, the only way to wake up is with coffee. Nothing starts the day off better than a cup of coffee to go with your herb. That warm cup in your hands, its caffeine seeping into your body, turning on all the lights, what would you do without it?


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