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5 Marijuana New Year Resolutions You Should Have


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Each December we commit to changing our lives in the new year. We all know how tough it is to stick to our lofty resolutions, so to build momentum and confidence let’s give these 5 manageable marijuana resolutions a shot.

1. Share more often

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Let’s face it, marijuana can get expensive. For some people the cost of consuming marijuana may encourage them to keep it all for themselves, but this year you should make an effort to spread the love. Maybe your stash won’t last as long, but your generosity will not go unnoticed. You don’t have to share or give away everything you have, but just once and awhile try to go out of your way to find a friend in need.

2. Clean your accessories

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After an entire year of smoking, your pipes,bongs,grinders,vape pens, and even your favorite smoking room can get overrun with marijuana messes. This year, vow to keep your things clean. If you have many smoking accessories and the idea of keeping them all clean seems daunting, pick out 2 or 3 that you will always keep…

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