5 Reasons Chalice California is the ‘Coachella’ of Concentrates


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By Merry Jane Staff

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Dubbed the “Coachella of Concentrates” Chalice California is a three-day music, glass, and hash festival correspond with 710, every dabbers favorite occasion..

The event drew thousands to the San Bernardino fairgrounds over the weekend.

At Coachella, discreet vaping and passing around a joint is protocol. At Chalice California, free dabs for everyone with a medial marijuana license!

For those without, on-site “herbal evaluations”were provided by Delta 9, whose doctors were also recently spotted at Tommy Chong’s birthday party and Malibu’s Marijuana Mansion.

So Many Photo Ops

From Terp Town to the main stage, there were oh, so many locations for a stunning selfie.

Gnarly Art

Artists, including Mr. Trixter, painted live murals throughout festival grounds.

Photo via Joel Clopton

Free Water

The desert heat made these hydration stations a welcome site for thisty festivalgoers.

Weed-themed attire was prevalent at this 420-friendly event.


This year’s festival was headlined by the legendary Wu Tang Clan.



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