5 Reasons Why You Can’t Beat The Colorado Cannabis Combination


3. Cannabis and scenery

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While you are tasting the world’s best cannabis 5,280 feet above sea level you should take a look around. There are mountains and they are rocky. The Rocky Mountains are a Colorado trademark that now go hand in hand with cannabis.

4. Colorado cannabis activities

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Cannabis and outdoor activities go hand in hand. There is no shortage of opportunities to explore unique sights and sounds of outdoor Colorado. In the winter, you can ski and snowboard, both favorite smoker pastimes. And in the summer, there is plenty of fishing, hiking, and biking activities for all cannabis fans.

5. Cannabis tours

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Colorado was one of the first states to offer tours of marijuana cultivation centers. Now, it is not uncommon to gain access to tour a portion of a cultivation facility in states like Washington or California, but Colorado really pulls the curtains back and gives you that inside scoop of herb!

Don’t knock it til you try it. Colorado cannabis is some of the best out…

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