5 Reasons Your Brain Loves Cannabis As Much As You Do


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If you use cannabis, give yourself a pat on the back, or better yet, a pat on the head. Your brain thanks you for using cannabis because it helps that gray matter get and stay healthy! Here are 5 reasons your brain loves cannabis as much as you do.

1. Anxiety

One puff of smoke, dose of oil, or bite of an edible and you will start to feel more happy and carefree. That is because cannabinoid receptors are found in centers of the brain that control mood, behavior, and thought. It’s euphoric and relaxing effects on both body and mind help you to shed anxiety like an itchy wool coat.

Cannabis can sometimes increase anxiety, but that can be easily avoided. When a person is matched with a strain that has the right cannabinoid ratio for their needs, the relief is profound. Often, milder strains or lower doses are the perfect key to treating anxiety, rather than causing it.

2. Brain cell growth

One of the few substances on the planet that actually helps your brain grow, cannabis is capable…

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