5 Ways Medical Cannabis Will Help Us Live Forever


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Medical cannabis has changed dramatically over the past decade. 24 states have officially jumped onto the medical bandwagon, and more seem to follow every year. With such momentum, major changes to the industry are inevitable. Here’s how medical cannabis will evolve in the future.

1. Medical cannabis will see an innovation boom

Medical cannabis has already come a long way. Five years ago, you couldn’t find CBD products like the Stanley Brothers’ Charlotte’s Web line in dispensaries around the country. Transdermal patches that slowly release THC through the skin couldn’t be found anywhere. Now, we see new products every month. Innovation knows no bounds in the cannabis world.

This innovation boom is coupled with relaxed cannabis laws around the country. More doctors than ever are onboard with cannabis for those with debilitating diseases. Earlier this month, a whopping 90% of pediatric oncologists came out pro-cannabis at an annual conference.

2. More research will be carried out

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