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To foster growth and inclusion in the cannabis industry, MERRY JANE teamed up with Wonder Women tech to present the panel featuring five women pioneering careers in the legal cannabis space.

In comparison to other industries, the percentage of women executives in cannabis is far higher than in all other U.S. businesses as a whole, an October report from the Marijuana Business Daily found.

Careers in cannabis, innovation and equality in the industry are just a few of the topics tackled by our panel of experts at “Trailblazing Cannabis” presented by MERRY JANE.

The conversation, moderated by MERRY JANE’s News Editor Sasha Horne, was held as part of the Wonder Women Tech Confernce.

The WWT Conference series features educational initiatives that highlight, educate, and celebrate women and diversity in all areas of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics). It aims to explore the next frontier in innovation/tech and spotlights female and diverse role models who have paved the way for future generations.

Read on to meet five dynamic women pioneering the new found legal cannabis space, and be sure to download the MERRY JANE app to keep up with trending topics at the intersection of news, pop culture, and music.

Ariel Clark

Ariel Clark is a progressive pioneer and business lawyer leading the new generation of the cannabis industry. Ariel is also founder of the Los Angeles Cannabis Task Force, a group that hosts educational networking events for those interested in helping to shape LA’s legal weed scene. Assembling a functioning team of concerned, informed, and resourceful community members, the group is collectively working towards a comprehensive and equitable policy that aligns Los Angeles with state law.

Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen

Normalizing cannabis culture begins with education, said Dr. Jacqueline Nguyen a clinical pharmacist and founder of Ensohara. As a Vietnamese TV personality, Dr. J took the huge step of coming out of the green closet, educating her patients on the benefits of cannabis when it comes to treating cancer, anxiety, and PTSD.

Amy Poinsett

Diversity in the cannabis industry starts from within said entreprenuer Amy Poinsett, co-founder of MJ Freeway, a Colorado-based company providing industry standard cannabis compliance software to domestic and global clients.

At the start of marijuana legalization in Colorado, MJ Freeway Business Solutions was born with a desire to assist burgeoning marijuana businesses expand and thrive with smart business solutions in place.

Lynne Lyman

As a white woman living in California, Lynne Lyman explained to the audience, she can consume marijuana freely without fear of prosecution, but even in legal states, minorities are targeted and arrested.

As California’s state director for the Drug Policy Alliance, Lynne leads the charge in criminal justice reform. A native of Los Angeles with an M.P.A. from Harvard, Lynne is working to ensure the passage of Prop 64, the initiative to legalize marijuana recreational in California.

Adelia Carillo

Adelia Carillo’s passion for technology, innovation, community and entrepreneurship led her to found  Direct Cannabis Network, a website that highlights cannabis startups and entrepreneurs.

Manufacturing and selling cannabis-infused tinctures, edibles, and topicals are just some areas where women are leading the charge as cannabis entrepreneurs said Adeila Carillo, CEO of Direct Cannabis Network,

Adelia plans to pay it forward in the cannabis community in the right direction, by providing mentorship, business consulting and educational events as well as inspiring and mentoring other women entrepreneurs.

Watch a video clip of the panel here on MERRY JANE‘s Facebook page.

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