6 Insane Stealth Grow Places That Will Make You Question Everything


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Cannabis lovers around the globe have to get creative when it comes to growing weed without detection. From closets to computer cabinets, we have done it all. Despite this time-honored tradition of stealth and strategy, there are some grows that still blow the mind. Check out some of the craziest stealth grow places ever!

1. High-class hideout

If you are going to grow, why not grow with class? Two guys had that exact thought when they turned a million dollar mansion into an epic grow facility. The house featured 9 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 2 utility rooms, and 4 drawing rooms. Everything was turned into a maze of lights, ducting, and weed.

This all happened right under the noses of upscale neighbors, and on a busy main road.

2. Buried under the garden

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Others might call it a storm shelter, or even a zombie apocalypse hideout, but one man in Nottingham decided to turn a buried shipping container into his own secret garden, under a real one. Adrian James used an excavator to dig a hole in…

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