6 Reasons Why It’s Better To Exercise When You’re High


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By Dee Giznik
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We all know how important regular exercise is, and while some of us might get that exercise strictly by playing Pokémon Go, the rest of the world prefers running, squats and weights. With kids, busy schedules and hectic workloads, it can be difficult to have the time or energy for physical activity. Many of us love to relax after a smoke session and enjoy our high, but why not use that time to exercise. Cannabis actually can increase stamina and endurance, making it the perfect pre-workout routine. Here are six reasons why it’s better to exercise when you’re high.

1. Heightened metabolism

Want an extra boost to kick off a workout? Smoking actually increases metabolism, making it even easier to burn those unwanted pounds away. A study released in Men’s Journal shows that THC and cannabinoids not only speed up metabolism, but they also help to lower cholesterol and insulin resistant levels.

2. Systems a-go

We all know cannabis helps to reduce anxiety, but reducing that anxiety increases our natural desire to perform harder and stronger than we would if we felt anxious. The added aggression helps to lengthen workout routines, push limits harder and get results faster. Cannabis really can alleviate those added pressures we all feel, while still helping users to get in shape.

3. Sports inclined

Relaxation is something that comes naturally from smoking cannabis. However, that added relaxation increases focus and attention on any task at hand, whether it be cooking, cleaning or working out. The brain feels calm and relaxed, worry-free, meaning there’s more energy to remain focused on specific activities, like exercising.

4. Muscle recovery

No one likes to sore after a hard workout. We all want those positive endorphins to keep us lifted on anatural high. A cannabis high might help to achieve this goal. Smoking before an exercise routine can help muscles remain loose and relaxed between sets, making it less likely for anything to get pulled or strained.

These strains are what can lead to sore muscles, which often deter people from working. There’s a good chance there will be more working out if muscles aren’t left achy each time.

5. Weed and exercise are one in the same

Speaking strictly in the way of chemical reactions, cannabis can actually have the same, or similar, effects on the body as exercise. The endocannabinoid system is stimulated in the same way by both activities. Cannabis leaves us relaxed, eases pain, helps to control appetite, influences mood and even regulates memory. These are all results of a well-executed workout, too.

6. Increased high

Not only does being high enhance a workout, a workout enhances being high! Blood pumps harder and flows more quickly during a workout, burning stubborn fat cells where THC is stored. As the body burns fat, the THC is released back into our system, leading to an increased high.

A study from the University of Sydney discovered that after a 35-minute workout, performed by a regular cannabis smoker, the THC levels were nearly 15% higher than people who smoke, but don’t exercise.

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