7 Cigars You Need To Use For Bomb Blunts


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Many celebrities and people in the cannabis culture swear that blunts are the most enjoyable way to smoke cannabis. Whether they improve your high or simply smoke better, many people around the world contribute to the popularity of blunts. But which wraps have a reputation for making the highest quality blunts? Here are 7 brands that can get the job done. 

1. Dutch Master

These longer sized blunt wraps are popular on the East Coast, with flavours like honey, vanilla, and green-leaf. The softness of these wraps is helpful in packing in your herb while also allowing a slower burn.

2. Swisher Sweets


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One of America’s oldest and best-selling cigar brands can definitely supply a quality blunt wrap. Available in 7 flavours in 90 different countries, these blunts can make just about anyone a happy roller.

3. Game

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With the famous Garcia Y Vega green wrap, these blunts have stood the test of time in terms of popularity. The balanced burn and great flavour of the wraps should…

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