7 Crazy Rolling Papers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


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Written by Lukas W
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Ever since the first rolling papers were invented, not too much creativity has been injected into the market. Changing sizes and shapes is great and all, but people love innovation and we think we’ve found some great examples in the rolling paper industry. Whether you find that these are just novelties or you love them, is all up to you. Here are seven rolling papers that showcase originality and creativity.

1. Feel the Bern!

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Indeed an awesome addition to any Bernie Sanders fan collection. Even if you don’t smoke joints, who wouldn’t want to see that face when your friends roll up a fat one?

2. Translucent rolling papers

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When you spend a lot of money on medical grade cannabis, the last thing you’d want to do is hide it’s beauty underneath a hemp rolling paper. These guys are super affordable and they have a similar feel to hemp.

3. 24k Gold Papers

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For special occasions, these might just be the best rolling papers you could ask for. Although they can cost up to $15 each, they might just be worth it. Smoking a gold wrapped joint is  something straight out of a fantasy.

4. Urban Wraps

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Do you still live in an area with strict cannabis laws? Well, these rolling papers might be the answer you’ve been looking for. From a distance, these papers look identical to a cigarette. And if no one can smell you, they’ve got no reason to question what you are doing.

5. Hemp Papers on a Roll

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Do you roll a ridiculous amount of joints a day? Or do you plan on rolling a ginormous party joint? Look no further, these hemp based rolling papers can satisfy the demands of any smoke session.

6. Pre-rolled Cones

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These cones are perfect for throwing in your backpack without having to worry about wasting time rolling a joint. Simply stuff your herbs in the end and light it up!

7. Wired Rolling Papers

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These papers solve a problem that many smokers can never get used to. When the joint gets really small and you run the risk of burning your finger badly, many will just toss it before it finished to avoid the pain. But, with a wired rolling paper you can save your weed and your fingers!


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