7 Important Things To Know When Picking Your Perfect Dispensary


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The difference between a dispensary experience you love and one that you will never visit again can be a combination of a lot of factors. From price and selection to staff and layout, each is different, and caters to customers in a different way. To find the perfect one for you, we have compiled 7 factors to find keep in mind when searching for your perfect dispensary.

1. Patient support

Does your dispensary offer information on cannabis strains and product usage? Do they have other services, like yoga, counseling, or therapy? Is your budtender knowledgeable?

2. Community image


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Are you going to recommend this business to your friends and family, or will you not want to be seen leaving their store. The best businesses have a wholesome image and strive to carve a positive niche for themselves in the community. Go to the wrong kind of dispensary, and people will associate you with that place’s sleazy image.

3. Privacy and rights


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Is your dispensary…

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