7 Of Our Best Canna-Infused Paleo Recipes For You To Try


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When you’re on a special diet, it can be difficult to find edibles that suit your needs. Fortunately, we have some great recipes for cannabis-lovers who care about health. Here are our seven best canna-infused paleo recipes for you to try. We hope you enjoy your time in the kitchen as much as we have!

The art of cooking with cannabis

If you’re just getting started with cannabis cooking, you might want to check out our Cooking with Cannabis 101 guide. It will walk you through everything you need to know about getting the most out of your edibles.

You can also find more great recipes in our new cookbook, HERB: The Art Of Cooking With Cannabis. Some recipes will need to be adapted for your paleo diet, but a few simple swaps will do the trick.

1. Canna-coconut oil

To kick us off, this infused coconut oil is a staple for any cannabis-loving paleo folks out there. It’s easy to make, super easy to use, and it produces a nice, potent edible experience. Taking some time to prep this oil…

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