7 Squads We Want To Get High With


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Every cannabis enthusiast has their favorite people that they enjoy toking with. When you find those people that you can enjoy a nice high with, you hang on to them tight. Some like getting high with people that are chill, and some like people who are more upbeat and funny. Nevertheless, cannabis is something that helps bring people closer together and it’s always nice to have a good squad to enjoy it with. Here are 7 squads that we definitely want to get high with. 

1. That 70’s Show crew

Who wouldn’t want to get high with these guys? They know how to have a good time. Sometimes they’re goofy, and sometimes they’re chill. You get the best of both worlds with these folks. What could be funnier than kicking back in the Foreman’s basement while laughing at Eric trying to act sober in front of his dad?

2. Ted and Johnny


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I’m not sure which would be funnier, smoking with a teddy bear or just watching the two of them goof off. Either way, you’ll be geeking the entire time if…

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