7 Ultimate Weed And Wine Combos To Try Today


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We’ve all heard of wine and cheese pairings, but what about wine and weed pairings? Believe it or not, there is an art behind selecting the proper strain to accompany a fine glass of wine. The flavors and aromas should fit together seamlessly, both meant to enhance the other’s features, without overpowering. It can be tricky to create the perfect combination, but with a little practice, pairing will soon become second-nature.

It’s usually not a good idea to drink alcohol and use cannabis at the same time, as it tends to result in the spins and, inevitably, throwing up. However, one or two glasses of wine, paired with the perfect strain, is an exciting new way to experience both wine and herb. The flavors of each compliment the other, making a truly elevated experience for any cannabis enthusiast. To get the pairings started, here are seven of the best wine and weed combos, perfect to try out on National Wine Day!

1. Dry Whites & Trainwreck

Dry whites, like Sauvignon Blanc, have fruity…

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