7 Ways Cannabis Can Make You Smarter


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It’s already been proven that cannabis use does not make you lose intelligence, but can it actually make you smarter? The truth is, cannabis can potentially improve several areas of life that many people don’t even think of. When we say it can make you smarter, we mean it can contribute positive awareness about multiple different areas of life. Here we break down 7 ways to improve your life and awareness by using cannabis.

1. Health and Fitness

Many cannabis users around the world swear by the use of weed before hitting the gym. They claim it can increase focus and intensity, all while keeping your mental state uplifted and happy. Even some marathon runners train with cannabis.

Cannabis’s effects on mental health can potentially be life changing, with many indica strains being famous for treating depression and eating disorders. It can help people recover from heavy addictions like food, alcohol, or other serious narcotics.

2. Justice

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Cannabis use can shed some light on how…

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