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Heat your electronic nail and clean your rig, ‘cause 710 is here!If you’re already familiar with hittin’ the nail and are down with dabbing your THC-laced cannabinoids, then chances are, I’m preaching to the choir. Next to 4.20, 7.10 (710 = OIL) represents one of the highest holidays on any connoisseur’s calendar.Considered a healthier alternative by many, these tasty globs of concentrated goodness require a set of specific tools to get the job done. As such, Marijuana.com has organized a practical guide for today’s aficionados – providing a quick reference list to help you get the most out of this year’s Day of the Dabs:

Tangerine Power Shatter

710: Critical Tools of the Trade

Oil Rigs: First and foremost, not all “rigs” – a.k.a. your primary glass smoking device – are created equal. While the more artistically inclined pieces can cost upwards of $50k, you can purchase a rock-solid daily driver for around $300 or $400. Depending on the complexity of design, size, type of glass (lime glass vs. borosilicate glass), and additional gear, some of these awe-inspiring 710 rigs can cost more than your average secondhand car. Shocking, I know. But think about it. These are glass artisans that spend thousands of hours obtaining the skill level needed to consistently create high-functioning art. Using the best materials available, these glass blowers spend hundreds, if not thousands, creating a single piece of artisanal glass.

Torches vs E-Nails: Historically ubiquitous with the dab culture, the butane torch has been elevating the 710 world for years. And likely, where there’s a torch and a set of lungs, there will be a rig with a properly heated titanium nail ready to be hit with some tasty concentrates. While fine for road trips and elevated moments away from the Homestead, today’s ganja-preneurs have raised the bar for hash heads everywhere through the use of e-nails. Improving and enhancing your concentrate’s flavor profile; the utilization of an electric coil maintains your nail at a steady preset temperature. Hot or warm, whichever you prefer, it’s always the same temp when you’re ready to hit it.

Quartz vs Titanium vs Ceramic Nails: Regardless of experience level; connoisseurs and newbies alike are mystified when it comes to making the choice between a quartz, titanium, or a ceramic nail. While each material has its advantages, they also have other variables worth considering. Quartz: Representing the fastest of the three materials to hit dabbing temperature, a quartz nail is generally ready after 10-20 seconds of blasting from a healthy torch. Light on its heat retention value, quartz is considered medical grade and will not emit any potentially harmful gasses, unlike a Ti nail. Titanium (Ti): Contingent on what you consider an optimum temperature for your titanium nail, it can take anywhere from 15 to 25 seconds to properly heat your nail. Great for retaining heat, and the King of Durability, the titanium nail must first be ‘seasoned’ to be safely used. Ceramic: Sure, they take the longest to heat up – 30 seconds or longer dependent on the size of your nail – they also smoke vape the competition when it comes to retaining heat. Made from a food-grade material as well, ceramic nails are perfectly safe for your dabbing pleasure.

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