8 Things You Need To Complete A Weed-Themed Bedroom


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Written by Dee Giznik
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Cannabis enthusiasts love to boast their pride for herb anyway possible. Whether it’s rocking the latest NORML t-shirt, carrying a cannabis-printed tote or sprawling across a leaf-covered towel at the beach, there are literally hundreds of products available to express love for the life-saving plant. Many fans are taking it a step further, designing entire rooms around cannabis and incorporating it into every part of the décor. If you planned on redecorating anytime soon consider these eight things you need to complete a weed-themed bedroom.

1. Comforter

This super soft, mink-inspired material will leave users wrapped in a cuddly-cocoon of cannabis, and is our starting point for yourweed-themed bedroom. It’ll be easy to have sweet dreams while sleeping with such an elegant bedspread. The silky-smooth fabric can be machine washed, but no drying! Hang this baby up, just like you’d hang freshly cut plants, to dry.

2. Pillowcase

The perfect addition to a cannabis comforter is a cannabis pillowcase. Don’t let the super-soft pillows go undressed. These weed-themed cases will have users confused about what’s real and what’s fake. Just be sure to keep real cannabis away from this pillowcase, as it could easily be lost in the life-like print.

3. Wall art

Plain, white walls are so boring. Why not spruce up any space with these unique wall decals? Proudly display your life’s mantra on the bedroom wall. Visitors will surely take the advice, and immediately break out their stash to share.

4. Lamp

Every room needs a soft glow to help bring about a nice, relaxed ambiance. This lava lamp not only luresonlookers into a relaxed state of mind, the cannabis-themed light will give off the perfect amount of shine to help pack one more pipe.

5. Spice it up

Foria is a cannabis-infused lubricant, perfect for those times when you and your lover want to stay in bed all day. While this lube might not give users a traditional high, it does promise to deliver a 15-minute orgasm.

6. Throw pillows

There can never be enough pillows in a bedroom. They are the epitome of comfort and style and come in such a huge variety that they make the perfect decoration or accessory for any room. These stash bag pillows, labeled with the most popular strains, are perfect for a weed-themed bedroom.

7. Curtains

Properly blocking out the sunlight is an important aspect of any bedroom. Too much light can disrupt sleeping patterns, cause glares on the television and highlight the amount of smoke filling a room. These cannabis curtains perfectly control the stream of sunlight and keep any peeping Toms from peaking in.

8. Candles

Many of us love to burn incense, but sometimes the cannabis smell can be too strong, and incense just doesn’t do the job of removing or covering it properly. These candles promise to neutralize any cannabis smells and keep users smoking in a discrete, safe fashion. They’ll also add a great glow to any room, without omitting too much light.


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