9 Facts You Need To Know About Getting High


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The uneducated world we live in has left many people with misinformation about cannabis and the effects of the plant. For years, the public has been fed propaganda and slander from the government and other anti-drug organizations, trying to enforce a fear of the alternative form of medication. Pro-cannabis advocates have worked tirelessly to debunk many of the myths surrounding the herb, and their work is clearly paying off, as the United States is finally seeing widespread legalization. Before believing all the negative hype, take a moment to become educated with these nine facts you need to know about getting high.

1. No link to cancer

Many people believe smoking cannabis carries the same dangers as smoking cigarettes – they would be wrong. Cannabis use is not directly linked to any form of cancer, including lung cancer, which many have feared a repercussion for years. In fact, cannabis has shown to not only destroy cancer cells but actually inhibit their growth and prevent tumors from…

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