9 Modern Marijuana Brands Mastering The Art Of High Design


High design, when creating modern marijuana brands, translates to one thing: Simplicity. From bath and beauty to energy drinks, the market for “personal enhancement” products is the ideal place to bring cannabis, not only to secure its image as mainstream but to make a serious profit. How do you market to this type of audience? 

All the companies mentioned share the vision of where the roads of brand marketing and customer satisfaction meet. The results are as exciting as they are telling of where the future of cannabis lies. Let your imaginations run wild.

1. Hi.

Designed by Mau Design, Los Angeles.

Hi. is a monthly subscription service that demystifies and democratizes the concept of living with cannabis. Hi. breaks down their “BudBoxes” into experience-driven categories: Soothe, Relax, Passion, Energy, and Focus.

With pre-measured, optimal dosages and a casual, welcoming feel, the brand would be right at home next to 5-hour energy or pampering face-masks. Leading with a general…

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