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9 Scorching Strains Perfect For Your Netflix And Chill Saturday Night


Netflix + Chill + Weed = the perfect Saturday night. We’ve put together 9 top-rated strains to help put you in the mood if you’ve got a low-key Netflix & Chill plan for tonight. You could purchase weed “products,” but what if you just want to smoke or cook in your kitchen? Maybe you want to make a chocolate cannabis cake for your sweetie or have a romantic marijuana dinner for two… or three? For this “hot” topic I visited 4 retail 21+ dispensaries to see what kind of “flower” they suggest.

La Blanca

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At the Green Room in Boulder, Colorado I met a budtender named Chelsey. She suggested La Blanca and Jack Flash describing both strains as “upbeat, relaxing and social.” An Indica strain; its genetics include White Widow and Snow White. I noticed a strong fruity aroma. Chelsey described the smell as Fruity Pebbles. She said, “It’s really relaxing … good for cramps and as an aphrodisiac.”

Jack Flash

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Jack Flash is a 60/40 dominant sativa hybrid with…

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