A Touch Of Glass #25: Lady’s Choice


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As I have written these Touch of Glass articles over time, my wife has occasionally peeked over my shoulder and commented on pieces that she liked. Our tastes are not always the same, which makes for a fun relationship. This week, I thoughts that different tastes should be celebrated, so I asked her to peruse the world of weed and glass with me to come up with a selection of her favorite pieces and quoted her on why she liked each one. The result is an article I like to call Touch of Glass: Lady’s Choice.

A rose by any other name

Well, it’s got a flower on it, that’s cute. I don’t know too much about smoking, but if it were a bottle I would think that the flower is really pretty. It kind of reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. It is kind of a twilight rose garden bong.

The house me and my brother grew up in was right next to my grandmothers. My brother would always want to get high and go to her house so she would feed him. She would always hug him and tell him how good he smelled. She would…

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