A Touch Of Glass #28: Good Looking Hooters


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Taking a trip to visit family this week, I had the opportunity to see one of Nature’s ugliest sights. Owls, for all their majesty as adults, make for some hideous babies. Late bloomers, you might say. The image won’t leave my mind of those hissing, barely feathered fiends of the night. I love owls; I think they are one of the most beautiful and wise creatures. Now I understand that it might be like the stereotypical smart kids in school. If you don’t start off with looks, you’d better have brains. To repair my sanity, I scoured the world of glass for some more aesthetic representations. So here is Touch of Glass: Good Looking Hooters!

Small hooters are cute

This adorable spoon features an owl that looks like he belongs in the Angry Birds game! Round, bug-eyed, and ready to do some damage, he will crash into your stash and knock you down for the count.

Beautiful nocturnal baby

Photo credit

Sitting at the end of her favorite branch, she scans the night sky for food and fun. I like this piece…

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