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Aloha, Woody!


aloha woody hero Aloha, Woody!

“Aloha, Woody Harrelson” could be the next phrase on the tip of your tongue, especially if you are a local in Hawaii. This Natural Born Stoner could be legally selling weed in Hawaii this summer, some time around July. Harrelson put his name into a draw, along with 60 other applicants, to be able to open up a medical marijuana business in Hawaii.

Until now, a medical marijuana industry has been illegal in Hawaii, but recent changes in the law are allowing room for legal medical marijuana dispensaries to open. Woody Harrelson will have to wait until April to find out if he is going to be eligible to start his marijuana business.

Woody: Natural Born Stoner

aloha woody ci 1 Aloha, Woody!
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This business endeavor wouldn’t be the first for Woody Harrelson when it comes to marijuana. He has been the target of law enforcement because of his marijuana antics in the past, almost landing himself in jail once. Woody was arrested in Kentucky almost 20 years ago for pointing out the government’s inability to distinguish between marijuana and hemp. He…

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